Promote Perfect Hand Hygiene for Your Event with a Mobile Sink for Rent

Now, more than ever, it is increasingly important to offer the most convenient amenities for your clients, guests and employees to maintain proper hand hygiene. Rent a Portable Sink is your leading source for mobile sink options in the country. Our simple process allows you to rent a portable hand washing station that provides a safe and convenient way for your guests and staff to keep their hands clean while at your event, regardless of existing amenities. Access hot or cold water instantly with a mobile sink station that protects your guests with ease.

Our Simple Process for Accessing a Mobile Hand Washing Station Rental

It has never been easier to book a hand washing station rental for your event. Whether you are running a food festival, medical event or more, you can provide instant clean water to cater for any purpose. To book a hand washing sink for rent, all you need to do is select your style of hand washing station, then our team will deliver it directly to your location. The final step is to simply add water and plug the station in for perfect access to water in an instant.

Call Today to Learn More About Hand Washing Station Rental

Clean water is crucial in hand hygiene, so having the proper facilities at your event is crucial in protecting your guests and staff. Rent a Portable Sink provides convenient access to a range of hand washing station models. To learn more, call today at (800) 513-8562.