Portable Hand Washing Sinks

Portable Sinks: A Revolutionary Product to Promote Hygiene

Hand washing is an indispensable activity to maintain hygiene and prevent germs and pathogens from coming into our food and body. Therefore, it is essential to make arrangements wherever a gathering, fair, or picnic is planned. Monsam Enterprises provides a fantastic solution to facilitate fresh running water at remote and open places by offering premium quality portable hand washing sinks. They are ideal to use in food festivals, concerts, events, restaurants, retail stores, make-up counters, perfume stations, saloons, mall kiosks, and any place where fresh water is needed for handwash.

Although hand sanitizers are also used, hand washing is by far the best way to maintain hygiene. There are several benefits of having a Monsam portable sink and some of them are mentioned below:


1. Convenience

The most obvious benefit of having a portable sink for fresh running water is convenience. No matter if you have hand sanitizer, you need to wash your hands whenever they get dirty during food preparation, before, and after eating. Especially in places where hygiene is a primary concern, such as food stations, portable hand washing sinks offer the most convenient way to clean hands and ensure proper hygiene and food safety.


2. Mobility

The biggest advantage of portable sinks is that they can be taken anywhere and moved around in a facility due to attached caster wheels. All portable hand washing sinks are designed for easy setup and handling. Thus, you can set them up anywhere, indoors or outdoors.


3. Customization

Small businesses that cannot be operated without fresh, clean water availability, such as retail stores, food stalls, ice-cream parlors, and make-up counters, don’t have to worry now. With customization service provided by Monsam Enterprises, such businesses can not only have fresh running hot or cold water but can also enhance the interior by requesting customized design for portable sink.

4. Ease of Installation

The best thing about portable hand washing sinks is that they don’t need any expertise to install. They are simple in design and any layman can install them wherever required. All you need is to fill the water tank, plug in the unit for the heater to start working (if you bought a portable sink that also provides hot water), and the setup process is complete. Everything is pretty manageable.


5. Legal Compliance

By installing portable sinks for hand washing, you also keep your business compliant with legal health standards (to check health standards, click here –https://www.fda.gov/media/73879/download. Though rules and regulations for hand washing can vary from one jurisdiction to another in terms of what qualifies as proper ratio of sinks to toilets. Health departments are also encouraging businesses and event planners to facilitate portable sinks for hand washing. To know whether you are following health standards, check your local codes.

Monsam Enterprises offers portable hand washing sinks in a variety of models to help you maintain good hygiene and remain compliant with health standards. It has an expertise of over 20 years, which clearly reflects in high-quality design and material used in the construction of portable sinks. Whether you need a portable sink for medical purposes, food festivals, event planning, or outdoor activities, Monsam Enterprises can fulfill your every requirement. To browse different models, please visit https://www.rentaportablesink.com/products


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