Portable Hand Washing Sinks

Portable Sinks: Briefing of their Introduction, Working and Application

Portable sinks are dramatically changing the way the people are deciding the venue of their parties, get-togethers, dinner nights, picnics and other outdoor activities. How? They need no longer concern about hygiene and plumbing facilities. Portable sinks offered by Monsam Enterprises have made it easier to access fresh water facility and hand washing solutions anywhere, anytime. Therefore, the absence of plumbing system in a physical location is no more a constraint for arranging any event or opening a small food shop.

However, for many people, the concept of portable sinks is new and as such, they wonder what exactly they are and how they work. So, today, we will discuss both of these questions and also talk about where portable sinks can be used.


Introduction to Portable Sink

A portable sink is basically a sink for handwashing, utensil cleaning or freshwater availability and can be transferred from one place to other. They are specially designed for the purpose of providing hygiene in outdoor places where there is no access to plumbing or running water, however, they also serve indoors as well. The best thing about these sinks is that all you need to do is simply unpack them, place in the intended location and fill them with water. Bingo! They are ready for use.


If you are particularly searching sinks for hand washing, Monsam’s NSF Certified Portable Hand Washing Sinks are the perfect choice for you as they are self-contained, highly durable, sturdily built, eco-friendly, and available in standard as well as classic designs. They are highly suitable to be used for food vendors, construction sites, medical centers, fairs, trade shows, and various other special events. One of the remarkable features of these sinks is that they don’t need electricity for dispensing fresh running water.


Working of Portable Sinks

Generally, portable sinks are consisted of parts such as locking cabinet, two tanks for freshwater and wastewater, sink container, taps, caster wheels and device for pumping water. Some sinks contain foot pump, while others may be available with battery or propane power so that they can be operated without electricity. Sinks which are designed for hot water also contain electric water heater and pump within the cabinet. You can simply connect or disconnect tank for refilling the freshwater tank and emptying out the wastewater tank. Both of the tanks have different mechanisms for connection to ensure that there will be no cross-contamination.


Portable hand washing sinks are extremely simple to set up and operate. However, they need proper engineering and robust designing to make them worth using for several years. Therefore, Monsam Enterprises have never compromised with any feature, designing, appearance or their quality and all of their sinks are manufactured to endure the toughest of working environmental conditions.

Application of Portable Sinks

Monsam’s sinks are available in numerous specifications and models to suit different needs of different occasions. You can find supreme quality portable sinks for:

  • Medical facility

  • Catering services

  • Beauty salon

  • Spa centers

  • Daycare centers

  • Clinics

  • Small restaurants

  • Mall kiosks

  • Backyard patios

  • Small offices

  • Barber shops

  • Camping

  • Outdoor festivals or

Any place where you need washing, rinsing and cleaning solution


If you are also in need of such a portable hand washing sink that can solve all your indoors or outdoors hygiene problem, just dial 1-800-513-8562 or visit at Rentaportablesink.com to browse different top-of-the-line portable sink models.


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