Portable Sink

Replace The Traditional Sink With A Portable Sink

Are you annoyed by plumbing and fixing sinks? Does it cost much? Well, there is an opportunity to grab instant solution to all the plumbing and sink fixing problem.

Nowadays, portable sinks are widely used in homes, offices and other residential areas which give convenient method to utilize its facility. They provide high quality of hand washing in areas where traditional sinks are not in use. They come up with great benefits as they don’t require any water installation and plumbing. It is a portable medium which can be taken anywhere without covering much space. Different size and style of portable sinks are available in the market according to the requirements of customers.

How it is different?


It is different from all the traditional sinks. A portable sink is fully contained and fully functional sink that requires zero installation. They fulfill the water requirement through two channels of hot and cold water pipe. One just needs to fill the tank with water, plug them in and it is ready to use. There are different variants in which some are operated through batteries and some are used with the help of electricity. They don’t require a fixed place; one can keep it in any of the desired location which can be change according to the requirements.

On the other hand, traditional sinks are fixed in a particular location with water supply and drain system. Traditional sinks gives invitation to plumbing and water installation which is not cost- effective.


Why one should choose portable sinks?


Portable sinks are helpful in providing high quality of hand washing facility. These sinks are used in areas where traditional sinks can’t access water. Areas like wedding and parties, gatherings and occasions, construction worksites, events and festivals, movies and television shoots and so on. The functionality and versatility makes its popular. There is a growing demand for these sinks which are eco- friendly, easily maintained, self- contained and easily mobilized.


Its Types –


Portable sinks are quite popular and are in great demand. These sinks are available in different types –


1. Hot and cold portable sinks – These sinks facilitates hot and cold water which can make a three basin sink. These basins have separate basins for washing and cleaning utensils. They come with soap dispenser which maintains the hygiene factor.


2. Sink trailers – They are used in areas where the audience is large. Usually, 12 stations are used to carter to enhance the demands of the desired audience.


3. 2 Station sink – These portable sinks have two separate stations with individual soap dispenser which gives a chance to wash hands individually without disturbing anyone.


4. 4 Stations unit – These are multi- functional sinks attached with 4 stations which provide the hand washing facility while maintaining the hygiene factor.


Portable sinks of USA are known for their highly experienced and skilled team which take the responsibility for the proper set of product with a warranty period. So, take an opportunity to visit the service centers of these amazing portable sink and buy a one for you.


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