The Fundamentals Of A Portable Sink For Rent

The Fundamentals Of A Portable Sink For Rent

Mobile sinks are ideal for a number of different places where hygiene is greatly necessary. If your place of work does not have a sink, but is in great need of one momentarily, you can rent a mobile sink to get running water where you work right away. The list of viable locales for portable sinks include:

  • Offices and break rooms

  • Warehouses and shops

  • Hospitals and clinics

  • Classrooms and daycares

  • Restaurants and food stands

  • Salons

  • Campgrounds

  • Tattoo Parlors

  • And many more.


Read on to learn more about portable sinks, what they come with, and how they are used. What Are Portable Sinks? Portable sinks are mobile stations that are primarily used to wash hands and rinse other objects. Portable sinks are not connected to a water supply, as the sink uses a limited amount of fresh water, where the water runs into the drain in a container for waste water. This sink has a set of wheels, so that it can be moved from one area to another with ease. Portable sinks run on energy, however, as they require electricity from either a battery, generator, or wall socket in order to make the running water either warm or cool. Portable sinks also feature a locking cabinet, no cross-contamination, a 110-volt circuit, and an all-metal bottom. You can rent a mobile sink so that you can use one for a limited time without having to outright purchase one. How To Use A Portable Sink While portable sinks are large, standalone appliances on their own, they are actually quite easy to use. Inside the sink’s cabinet are two tanks, one marked for fresh water and one marked for waste. Once you get your portable sink, you simply fill the fresh water tank with clean water and connect it to the faucet. Then, plug the portable sink into a working wall socket or portable generator. When your sink runs out of fresh water, there will be no more water for the sink to run, but the waste water tank will be full. When this happens, you will need to empty out the waste water tank and refill the fresh water tank. Inside the sink’s cabinet is also an electric water heater, which is how you will get your hot and cold water when necessary. When plugged into an electrical source, the heater will be able to add heat to water that is running from the fresh water tank. Water heaters for portable sinks will typically be able to heat water up to 40 degrees higher than room temperature, and can be adjusted with the turn of the appropriate knob. What Can I Get Along With A Portable Sink Portable sinks welcome additional add-ons and peripherals for more convenience and function. In order to keep your sink area clean, you can get a sanitizer kit to keep the whole area clean and free of bacteria. You can use this kit to wipe down the counter, bowl, handles, and faucet. Stools can also be purchased so that small children are able to reach the sink bowl to wash their hands. You can also get additional waste and fresh water tanks so you can easily swap them out without taking the time to refill and empty the same tanks for the time being. Summary Portable sinks are ideal for many commercial settings that do not have a sink or hand-washing station. Portable sinks can be moved with ease, work very easily, and require very little skill to maintain. Rent a portable sink today for an easy and convenient place to wash your hands and stay healthy.


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