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Top 3 Reasons to Rent Commercial Sinks Instead of Buying

While owning a commercial sink might seem a more practical option to many businesses, there are various reasons to hire commercial sink rental from a reputed company such as Monsam Enterprises –the leading portable sink provider for around two decades. Sometimes, it makes more sense to rent a commercial sink for new or small business rather than buying it. The question is – How?

Let’s check out why renting a commercial sink is a more viable option for some businesses.


#1 Asset Management

If you are an event management company, you would agree that most events usually don’t last for more than a week. Even the summer camping festivals don’t extend beyond a week. Only a few events are held for one or two months. Buying a commercial sink for event management is an investment that will last beyond the events.

In order to recover what you have paid, they need to be used frequently and at multiple times. Since activities like catering vary from one event to another, having only one or two types of commercial sinks may not be the most convenient option.

Some events demand more elegant commercial sinks with three or four basins while others may need only a basic model of commercial sink. Furthermore, foot pump sinks may be the first choice in events like camping where there are no electrical outlets available.

Thus, the option of commercial sink rental eliminates the cumbersome responsibility and pressure of purchasing and managing every type of sinks for each type of event. This means event managers and caterers will have one less thing to worry about.

#2 No Need to Pay for Maintenance

Even though portable sinks need little maintenance, after purchase it becomes your responsibility to ensure that they remain in tip-top condition after repeated use. Plus, hiring a cleaning professional might add another cost on top of the higher cost of outright purchase. Not to mention the transportation cost and manpower required to transport them from one place to another.

However, if you rent commercial sinks, you will have the only responsibility of returning it without any damage. There is no need to worry about maintenance costs and upkeep after the event or transporting it from one place to another. The company from which you would rent the commercial sink will send it to the venue you will provide in detail.

#3 No Hindrance in the Growth of Business

Small businesses like catering and event management usually begin with small capital. If a large part of the budget is invested in purchasing different types of commercial sinks, it can become a burden on small businesses aspiring growth. Since these kinds of businesses are offered bigger contracts as they make a strong presence in the market over time, previously bought basic commercial sinks might not be up to challenge.

To keep up with demands, they might need different models. Thus, it is a far better choice to choose commercial sink rental option in the early phase of a small business or startup so that capital can be used for more important operations.

So, if you are also an event management company or catering service provider, renting commercial sinks for your projects might be the best option than purchasing.

Where to Look?


For exploring advanced models of commercial sinks, Monsam Enterprises is the top choice because its portable sinks are:


· Made from the highest quality materials to ensure no rotting and de-lamination

· Protected with an anti-bacterial polymer to endure indoor and outdoor conditions

· Available in over 50 models in a wide range of colors

· NSF certified


To browse Monsam portable sinks, please visit https://rentaportablesink.com/products/.


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