The Fundamentals Of A Portable Sink For Rent

Discover Some Great Benefits of Renting A Portable Sink for Outdoor Events!!

Just because your event venue doesn’t have proper access to running water for cleaning and sanitizing hands, doesn’t mean your guests have to compromise on their hygiene and safety. Whether it is after using a toilet, or simply after your guests have eaten the dinner, hand washing sink rental solutions offer you the best convenience to make sure your guests have access to water throughout the event.

How portable sinks work?

These compact sinks come with soap dispensers and electrical power to heat up the water. There are basically two tanks inside the cabinet-while one tank holds clean water that is then pumped up to the faucet, the other tank consists of the wastewater that runs down the drain, through a sleek pipe to the container. The wastewater tank is generally emptied by the sink rental company, however, if you are renting the product then its recommended that you ask about the process to dispose of the water yourself. Besides, alongside the two tanks, there is a faucet and a sink up above.


What are the benefits of using a portable sink for rental?

Below mentioned are a few of the top advantages that a portable sink for rentals may provide you with.


1. Easiness and comfort:

Not all portable toilets come with handwashing stations. Therefore, for this reason, it is always significant to check whether or not it’s included for the easiness of your guests. Having one at your outdoor event will make it easier and convenient for your guests to wash their hands and have access to free running water throughout the event.


2. Helps in general maintenance:

Having separate hand washing station helps with the general maintenance of your restroom set-up in different ways. Firstly they have a huge capacity-giving over 500 to 600 washes before needing any re-servicing. And secondly, some portable sink rentals also come with trash bags so as to avoid any build-ups in the area themselves.


3. Hygiene and wellness:

Maintaining good health and hygiene standards are also important to anyone hosting events, and the added advantages of having a separate portable sink are obvious. They allow people to wash and dry hands without letting them stand in long lines. Plus, the water capacity of a sink tends to be larger as compared to those standard handwashing cabins.


So, are you planning to rent a portable sink for your upcoming event?


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