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All About Portable Sinks: Common Applications and Considerations!!

Portable sinks are one of the very practical and easy to use pieces of equipment that anyone can have. They offer a continuous flow of water to keep hands clean and are an ideal washing area for different tools and equipment. Today, you can find all types of luxury portble sink for rent that you can install and use for different occasions.

You can use these handy pieces of equipment just about anywhere. The mobility and durability of self-contained sinks potentially make them an excellent solution for classrooms and outdoor events where plumbing is not available or would be expensive.

Besides, some of the common places where portable sinks can be used include:

  • Medical offices

  • Outdoor camping areas

  • Salons and spas

  • Daycares and learning centers

  • Commercial food service areas and so on.


When it comes to renting portable sinks, you’ll be overwhelmed to know that they are available in many different designs and sizes, and it is crucial for you to pick the right one. So, to help guide you out, there are certain things you must look for.

Check the warranty:

Warranty is among the major things that you must consider when renting a luxury portable sink. This is very beneficial because good warranty coverage could possibly save you a lot of money and time in case the sink gets damaged or stops working.

Know about the power options:

There are two types of portable sinks you can choose to rent namely the plugged in or the battery operators. The plugged-in portable sinks are a bit complex to use especially in places where there are no power outlets available. The battery ones, on the other hand, are more convenient as they don’t need to be plugged in and work the best.


Some other features that you must look for are front lock systems in the cabinet stands so as to prevent children from accessing harmful cleaning elements that are stored within. Furthermore, you must also check for non-porous and germ-resistant countertops for easy maintenance and cleaning. However, the features and accessories vary by portable sink model and manufacturers, including deeper sink basins and neck faucets to increase the usage of the sink for food service operations where a wider and deeper basin is very much required. Some models also have hands free motion-sensitive and powered switches that help store water.


Finally, it is also very prudent that you go for luxury portable sink units that meet all the licensing needs for sanitation and different parts of the sink such as water heater, pumps, etc. all have the certification marks.

So, now that you know some of the features and applications of a portable sink, are you intending to rent them? If yes, please browse to Rentaportablesink.com and have a look at some of the high quality and durable portable inks offered by “Monsam Enterprises”.


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