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Portable Sinks: The Best Solution to Maintain Hygiene at Challenging Places

Going for an adventure trip but concerned about hygiene? Monsam’s outdoor portable sinks are a great way to add a mobile hand washing solution to any environment. They are self-contained sinks which means that you don’t need any other equipment or installation to make them functional. The quality and reliability of these sinks can be determined with the fact that Monsam Enterprises is now celebrating 20 years of success in designing state-of-the-art portable self-contained sinks. Such a long history in the same domain speaks for the credibility of a company for itself.

The remarkable features of Monsam’s portable sinks are their versatility and diversity in design as you can buy portable sinks for indoors as well as outdoors in a variety of cabinet’s styles, faucet designs and colors.

Here we will discuss in how many ways you can make utilization of these portable sinks. So, check them out.



For people who love to spend quality time together with family and friends, camping is a fabulous way to do it. You interact with nature, disconnect with regular life and the outer world of high quality amenities and get the opportunity to gossip and dance around the campfire under the sky filled with million stars. However, the only issue you may be upset about is hygiene at the campsite. But now, maintaining hygiene at campsites has become much easier with the facility of outdoor portable sinks. You can easily get fresh and clean water even if there is no traditional plumbing available.


Food Trucks

There are many businessmen who run mini restaurants on wheels i.e. food trucks. Eating food there is not only about taste but cost as well. Unfortunately, at such places, people have to convince themselves by cleaning hands with just tissue paper. Even chefs face some problems like washing peeled or skinned vegetables with clean water and washing hands frequently. Thanks to Monsam’s optimum quality portable self-contained sinks which can do wonders for such businessmen. Equipping with hygiene facilities not only promotes health and cleanliness but also benefits business with added appreciation and positive stature among customers.



Washing stations and sinks are the most important amenities in a salon. Nonetheless, there could be many circumstances where installing traditional sink can be a challenging task. This is where self-contained sinks come into the picture. Even if you can’t find the sink that suits your needs in the online catalog, just call at 1-800-513-8562 and Monsam Enterprises will facilitate you with top rank customized portable sink. Moreover, to complement the aesthetics of your interior, there are different colors available to choose from. Portable sinks add convenience as well as the facility for on-demand/instant hand washing or hair washing needs as they come fully assembled. All you need to do is just roll a portable sink into your place.


In addition, Monsam’s portable sinks find their application in various other places and occasions such as community events, caterers, restaurants, conventions, trade shows, hospitals, fairs, outdoor public events, optometry offices, and the list goes on.


At the core, the point is that wherever you require hand washing facility, refreshing drinks, hair washing or simply water availability for other purposes, portable sink is the most suitable solution to furnish all such needs. To browse pristine quality Monsam’s portable sinks, visit Rentaportablesink.com and purchase standard model or make an order for a customized model that suits your preferences well.


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