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5 Best Portable Sinks for an Outdoor Event

5 Best Portable Sinks for an Outdoor Event

When it comes to choosing a sink for outdoors, you have quite a lot to choose from. What type of sink you choose will depend on where you plan on locating the sink and what you will use it for. To help you choose the best one for you, here we will look at five most popular outdoor sinks that can be used for an outdoor event – be it a business meeting, wedding celebration, birthday party or else.

Single basin self contained portable sink


The most widely used outdoor portable sink for a small gathering! If your event will get a bit small number of guests, you can consider Monsam NSF certified single basin self contained portable sink. I will tell you that Monsam is a leading brand into designing portable self contained sinks for various purposes such as for hand washing, utensil washing, etc. NSF certified sinks are heavy duty, boasting of cutting-edge features like locking caster which makes it easy to move the sink. NSF certified single self contained sinks have two taps for hot and cold water, which can be connected to an easy-to-operate adjustable heater ensuring that you have plenty of hot and cold water. The best of all, you have a variety of color and design options to choose.


Vessel Portable Sink

A perfect blend of style and functionality, vessel sinks are designed to bring elegance to any room. It can also be used outdoor as hand washing station which features a frosted glass bowl accentuated by a bright chrome faucet. This is compatible for both hot and cold water at the same time.


Commercial Three Bowl Sink

This PSE 2003SD portable sink features three 10” deep sinks that allow generous space for washing, rinsing and sanitizing utensils and cooking equipment. If you are looking for the best outdoor portable sink for a large social gathering, this stainless sink can be a good choice. Featuring easy to clean stainless steel counter top and backsplash, this commercial three basin sink is perfect for smaller restaurants, food vendors and outdoor festivals.


Foot Pump Portable Sink Model: PSF-101

This affordable foot-pump operated sink is one of Monsam’s most popular portable sinks for indoor and outdoor use. This foot pump operated sink is easy to use and conserves water, and without the need to plug in, it conservers power as well. Moreover, it is customizable, which means you can choose from either a single or double-basin sink. The sink has a six gallon fresh water tank and a similar capacity tank for waste water. It can be used anywhere for small get together.


NSF Certified Four Basin Utensil Washing Self Contained Sink

If you are looking for the best outdoor portable sinks for utensil washing for large gathering like business event or wedding, Monsam’s NSF Certified four bowl sink would be a great choice. It is designed specifically to accommodate high traffic scenarios, featuring 3 large sinks plus 1 smaller sink on the other side of a divider. With two large fresh water tanks, you will never go out of fresh water. Made of high quality light weight aluminium and FDA approved plastic, this heavy duty sink is perfect even for tough environment, and the features swivel casters which makes it easy to move the sink make it perfect for outdoor use.


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