Rent a single door Portable Sink

Three Occasions When You May Want to Rent a Portable Sink

Mobile sinks are an amazing and innovative product that can help to keep you and your guests sanitized at all times. The following are three events for which you may want to consider a mobile hand washing station rental:

Outdoor Concert

Mobile hand washing station rental might be perfect for an outdoor concert. The band members and guests won’t have to go far to find themselves a place to cleanse their hands before and after eating or comingling with other people.


A wedding is another event for which you may need to purchase a mobile hand washing station. Your guests will spend the majority of their time outside touching food plates, chairs, tables, equipment and each other. The mobile sinks will make it easier for such people to stop and wash their hands to avoid transmitting germs to other people. You can help to keep the event safe for all people by investing in at least one portable sink. You may want to consider renting more than one portable sink if your guest list is large. That will give your visitors options and cut down the presence of long lines.

Group Meetings

Portable sinks can be excellent additions to group meetings as well. You may be in charge of an outdoor choir rehearsal, support group or something similar. You can make all of those meetings safer by having an outside company install a sink for your guests.

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