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Top Benefits of Using Self-contained portable sinks

Self-contained portable sinks are gaining worldwide popularity due to their multifarious benefits. All of us understand the fact that a built-in sink is not possible to install everywhere. While some places are not suitable for conducting plumbing work, others don’t facilitate clean water for use. But, it doesn’t mean that you should stop going to such places for picnic or celebrating special occasions or avoiding trade fairs and festivals. To make that feasible anywhere without spending too much, self-contained portable sinks rental services are being provided by Monsam Enterprises.

From over two decades, Monsam Enterprises is providing top-of-the-line portable sinks for nearly every place, be it a classroom, salon, food truck, restaurant, trade show, hospital, spa center, gym or any place where there is a need for water. Not only it presents an assortment of approx. 50 models of portable sinks to suit the variegated requirements of different clients but it also takes customized orders. Its portable sinks come with a number of benefits and some of them are as follows:

  • The topmost benefit of using portable sinks is that they can be moved and transferred from one place to another and used on virtually any flat floor surface. They offer a great convenience to be used for outdoor applications and temporary setups at places where there is no facility of water supply and wash area.

  • By being self-contained means they carry their own plumbing system and water disposal system within themselves. Therefore, there is no need for any other equipment to make them workable. In short, they are ready-to-use, complete functional units.

  • They come with their own built-in water supply tank and waste water reservoir which make them portable and allow them to be used virtually anywhere.

  • Some of the models are also designed to provide free flowing hot water along with cold water.

  • They are available in numerous designs, models and can be made from a variety of materials in order to suit a particular function or to match the interior decor.

  • Their designs vary from basic, single sink setups to complete workstation units along with multiple sinks and faucets configuration.

What’s special in Monsam’s Portable Sinks?

Here are some highlights why you should prefer Monsam Enterprises to buy portable sinks or hire portable sink rental services:

  • Constructed with specialized polymers for anti-bacterial protection

  • No rotting issues when compared with wood-made sinks

  • No peeling of laminates as its sinks are not laminated

  • Lightweight body construction

  • 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty

  • American Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible portable sinks

  • All units are NSF Certified and meet the highest NSF International standards related to food and water

  • Custom design availability

  • Options of six colors to choose from

So, from every point of view, portable sink rental services offered by Monsam Enterprises benefit their users.


If you have any queries or want to place a purchase order or want to hire self-contained portable sink rental services, feel free to call at 1-800-513-8562. To browse the collection of portable sinks, please visit


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