Foot Pump Portable Sink

3 Things You Must Know While Buying A Foot Pump Portable Sink

A portable sink is no less than a novelty in the world of hygiene and cleanliness. Especially, when you need a sink for outdoor purpose, foot pump portable sink makes the best candidate as it needs no electricity to run. So, whether you are camping in the middle of the forest or going for a picnic at a remote location, they will prove to be of great use in maintaining hygiene.

This is not all. An elegant portable sink also works as an eye-catchy centerpiece for various occasions and acts as an excellent source for refreshing drinks. Generally, they can hold both hot and cold water, but if it is a foot pump model, it will only provide cold running water. To give you a rough idea about its specifications, here is a list that describes them in brief.


· Purposely-built for hand washing and utensil washing

· Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor locations

· Four lock casters for safety purpose and easy mobility

· Can hold 6 gallons of freshwater and 6 gallons of wastewater

· Light in weight for easy handling

· Don’t require electricity, thus can be used at any place


How to choose a foot pump portable sink for your event?


1. The first and foremost thing to notice when buying a portable sink, regardless of type and model, is its size. Before ordering a sink, you should check out the width of doors and doorways of commercial place or residence or wherever you are going to organize your event. It must pass through smoothly without getting stuck. Choosing a portable sink of the right size means it can be wheeled easily in and out the location without any hassle.


2. The next thing you should consider is determining the purpose of using it. Decide the model depending upon how you would like to use it and where. Whether you need it for catering business, food trucks, camping, get-together, picnic or a nuptial ceremony, the choice and style of the sink will vary according to the purpose and place.


For instance, if it is a wedding, probably you would look for a sink that makes an impression on your guests. At such times, a portable sink with a glass bowl would be more appropriate to choose. However, if you are purchasing it for the purpose of using in a food truck, a stainless steel sink would be an ideal choice.


3. Determine the height and width of the sink according to the available space. Placing a sink that seems too small for a large gathering event can create chaos. On the contrary, when you are going for a picnic with a strength of 4 to 5 members, it would not be wise to purchase a large sized sink.


Just keep these simple things in your mind while shopping and you can easily make a decision on which foot pump portable sink would be perfect for your purpose and event.


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