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Why Should I Hire a Portable Sink for My Special Event?

There is one thing you should always remember about human nature. When people feel comfortable and at ease, they might not notice your efforts to maintain hygiene but if they don’t, they are going to keep it in their mind for a long time.

So, if you don’t want to be remembered as a bad event planner or a slob, portable sink rental service must be the next thing you should think about for providing proper hygiene facility. But, for renting a portable sink, you should be familiar with your options. So, let’s check out different types of portable sinks available in the market.

Generally, there are two types of portable sinks which you can consider to rent for your event. Both of them come with different features and use cases, so depending upon your preferences and requirements, you can choose from different models available for each type.

Special Event Foot Pump Portable Sink

It is one of the most basic models used for facilitating hand washing without any hassle. This sink offers the user an experience that renders them feeling cleaner. Based on foot pumping mechanism, the user gets fresh and clean water for hand washing every time. Due to its foot pump operation, it helps to conserve water and since it doesn’t need to plug in, it saves power as well. It comes with a 6-gallon freshwater tank and 6-gallon wastewater tank and is suitable to be used anywhere where you need fresh cold running water.

Hot and Cold Water Portable Sink

Another type is the model that can provide you with free flowing hot and cold running water anywhere, anytime. It closely resembles a standard indoor hand washing sink. To provide hot water, this model is usually equipped with an adjustable heater. Such types of sinks are ideal for purposes like food preparation, medical first-aid areas, and similar areas that need hot running water. They are perfect to use indoors as well as outdoors.

Portable Sinks – An Ideal Way to Gather Admiration

Portable sanitation and hygiene are one of those things that people don’t notice until there is no proper facility. These may be the two things you don’t want to be criticized about. So, installing a portable sink next to a portable bathroom can give you the reputation for providing a nice and clean portable bathroom experience. They can exit the portable bathroom and can use the sink for cleaning with real soap and water instead of using hand sanitizer.

In fact, your guests may be admiring your idea of portable sink rental and discussing how cool the hand washing sinks were instead of explaining to others how disgusting their experience was in terms of cleanliness and hygiene.

Are you confused about where to buy premium quality portable sinks?

Monsam Enterprises is the leading portable sink provider in the market empowered with several models for different purposes to meet your different requirements and specifications. Be it an exhibition, food festival, or carnival, you will always find a perfect portable sink to hire for your event. Even if you don’t find a perfect model that you are looking for, Monsam Enterprises always feel grateful to serve you with customized portable sink orders.

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