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When Do I Need to Rent a Portable Sink (Hand Washing Station)?

Portable Sinks –the easiest way to maintain hygiene indoor and outdoor and avoid transferring disease carrying bacteria. They facilitate us with hand washing solutions before and after doing chores at places where traditional plumbing is not a practical solution. They provide people with easy access to hand washing facilities no matter where they are. With these movable sinks, people can now enjoy their food outside home without having to worry about dirty hands and falling sick. But, how to know when it makes sense to look for portable sinks for rent? Let’s check out.

Festivals, especially ones that involve food and drinks

Regardless, whether the food is being prepared, served or eaten, in every situation, people need to wash their hands. So, when you are going to organize some food festival or event, as an event manager, you must take care of hygiene by installing as many portable sinks as required for the event, depending upon the size of the venue. Washing hands before and after all these activities is not only desired but also critically important for the health of people.


Wedding Ceremonies, Parties and Gatherings

Nowadays, a lot of families prefer to choose outdoor venues based on rustic theme and idea. The only problem with weddings which are organized in the lap of nature, remote area or uncommon place, there are no proper facilities of traditional restrooms. If you are going to rent portable toilets for parties, weddings or gatherings, it becomes utmost important to find portable sinks for rent for hand cleaning and sanitation.


Since your guests would be eating and drinking, providing a proper place to wash hands after using the restroom or before eating and drinking will enhance their comfort level and offers peace of mind. Also, don’t forget to install at least one or two portable sinks for the catering staff.


Outdoor Concerts and Events

Everybody knows that music concerts and similar stage show events are infamous for not having proper sanitation facilities. They have a reputation of being muddy. Hand sanitizers don’t always works when it comes to removing dirt or oil from the hand. If you want your fans to return home without a single grudge, install portable sinks for washing hands. This single act of yours can increase the reputation of your event for increasing the comfort of attendees.


Worksites and Campsites

Everyone at worksite and campsite tends to get grimy. Construction sites mainly include a lot of dust, mud and sand work and campsite includes a lot of eating, drinking, cooking, hiking, playing, and exploring nature. Thus, in both scenarios, it is important to have the backup of portable sinks to ensure that everybody gets to clean their hands. Maybe adding portable sink might increase the cost of portable toilet rental but this extra cost is worth it as it provides optimum comfort and hygiene to the people.

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