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Four Businesses Made Easier by Portable Sinks

Location and facilities are counted among the most important factors for setting up a small business, especially like food counters and stalls. There are many places which seem good to set up a business but due to lack of plumbing facilities, people have to abandon those choices. On the other hand, many businesses lose several customers just because they don’t have proper hygiene facilities.

But, such hurdles won’t be a concern anymore as Monsam’s portable sinks can solve both of your problems altogether. You can choose any place which sounds promising to you as now you can maintain proper hygiene by installing portable sinks anywhere, anytime.


Apart from purchasing option, portable sink rental services are also provided at Monsam Enterprises – a leading firm with 2 decades of history and reputation, so there is no problem when it comes to cost or duration. If you are wondering about what type of businesses portable sinks are helping, here are the four businesses made easier by their use.

Beauty Care Business -Hairstyling Shop, Spa Center, and Beauty Parlor

In the market, you can find portable sinks which are specially designed to keep in mind the requirements of places like a salon. Right from a hand washing sink to portable shampoo sink, there are models that are not only durable but appealing too. The best thing about portable shampoo sinks is that they come with a handheld sprayer and don’t need water connection. Just plug them in and you are all set to start your hairstyling, massage or spa business.

Healthcare Related Business -Clinics, Dental Center, and Other Healthcare Settings

It is always recommended to have hand washing sinks in examination rooms and patient care areas to stop infections and promote hygiene. By having simply easy-to-use medical portable sinks, you will not only maintain hygiene but also comply with your state’s regulations regarding sinks, if any. Since doctors and dentists have to deal with patients suffering from different types of infections and diseases, it becomes necessary to wash and sanitize hands after the examination.


Food Related Business -Food Stalls, Food Kiosks, Coffee Shop, and Cafeteria

Portable sink rental and purchase options come immensely handy for those people who are planning to set up a food stall, coffee shop, cafeteria or kiosk at highways, streets, or any place where plumbing cannot be practically implemented for a small food business. Most people are always concerned not only about their hands but also the hands of staff and the people preparing food and beverages at the back. Cleanliness is the topmost reason behind not eating street food for the majority of people. You can gain an edge over your competitors by maintaining proper hand washing facilities in your place for the customers as well as for the staff.

Event Planning -Trade Fairs, Food Festivals, Weddings, and Parties

Big events usually require large areas to accommodate large gatherings. Events like weddings, anniversaries, trade fairs, concerts, and carnivals are expected to facilitate proper amenities for hygiene which was impossible before the introduction of portable sinks. Event planners either had to limit their options only to places with plumbing facilities or compromise with the hygiene. But, now, the situation has changed. Monsam’s Portable sinks have made it possible to maintain cleanliness even in the strangest of places.

So, if you are also planning to start a new business and hygiene remains a concern in the location of your choice, Monsam Enterprises has various off-the-shelf and custom-made options for you. All you need to think about whether you want to buy a portable sink or it would be more beneficial to go for portable sink rental option.


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